WordPress Maintenance & Monitoring

WordPress is a very powerful and flexible platform, and it has helped to revolutionize the way websites are built. Unfortunately, many WordPress users do not update their core files and plug-ins on a regular basis, which opens them up to security threats. Keeping your WordPress website up-to-date is vital in protecting yourself against malicious attacks.

Let us handle the updates for you!

Our team of WordPress experts will update the core files and plug-ins, backup your database and files, and also monitor your website for malware on a monthly basis. For a low monthly fee, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your website is being maintained without you having to worry about making the updates yourself. This will open up your time and focus to what matters the most – growing your business!

WordPress Maintenance & Monitoring for ONLY $29.95/month!*

Monthly BackupsWP Core, Database, Plugins & Themes are securely backed up to your server and to an Off-Site Cloud Storage System monthly.
WordPress Core UpdatesThe latest WordPress updates will be installed on your website so your software version will always be up to date.
WordPress Plugin UpdatesAll standard WordPress plugin updates will be tested before they are installed on your website.*
Spam Comment RemovalWe will remove all comments marked as Spam as well as scan and remove all comments with Spam content that are waiting to be moderated.
Security ScanWe will perform a Sucuri Security Scan for Blacklisting, Malware, Malicious Javascript, Malicious iFrames, Suspicious Redirects & Spam.
Email SupportWe offer free email support about your maintenance subscription, and will keep you updated about your website.

Simply click on the button below to start your monthly WordPress Maintenance subscription. There is an initial set-up fee of $65 for the first month, then each additional month you will be automatically billed $29.95. If you do not already have one, you will be required to set up an account with PayPal. This will allow you to manage your subscription services.

After your payment has been sent, you will be returned to a web page to complete a small form telling us about your website. Once we receive your information, your website will be reviewed, and we will contact you via email for the access information necessary to manage WordPress and upload to your server.

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Questions? Read our list of FAQs below or contact us today!

Why do I need a PayPal account?
A PayPal account is needed in order to manage your monthly subscription services and to receive automatic recurring charges. Payments will be securely processed through PayPal, and you can cancel your subscription at any time through your PayPal account.

What happens if my website becomes infected?
If your website becomes infected, we will first perform a Sucuri site scan to determine the severity of the attack, and then notify you of our findings. If the infection cannot be simply remedied, we will refer you to Sucuri for website malware removal.

Where are my backups stored?
A monthly backup of the WordPress database will be stored in two locations – one copy will reside on your server, and the other will be stored on an Amazon S3 Cloud Storage System. A copy of your website files will also be stored on the cloud each month.

What if my plug-ins can’t be updated?
Occasionally, WordPress plug-ins become obsolete due to lack of support. If we cannot update your standard plug-ins, we will suggest alternative plug-ins to use. A fee may be associated with installing and configuring new plug-ins, and will be billed separately from this subscription service.

*WordPress plug-ins will be tested before being installed to make sure they will not break your site. If a problem is encountered, we will revert to the previous version and contact you about alternative plug-ins. Installing and configuring new plug-ins are not included in the monthly subscription plan, and will be charged additionally. Also, included monthly updates apply to standard WordPress plug-ins whose core files have not been modified. Custom plug-in updates will incur a separate charge. Some custom plug-ins may not be able to be updated depending on the level of customization.

Disclaimer: This is not a daily security monitoring or malware cleanup service, and we cannot guarantee that your website will not fall victim to an attack. In the event that your website becomes compromised, we will contact you immediately with our findings and possible remediation solutions.