Advertisement Design

Although both the internet and the go-green movement have had a large impact on the print world, professional advertisement design remains a necessary marketing component to help increase sales and gain new customers. A magazine is a tangible item which can stay in homes for months or even years. This gives printed advertisements more staying power as opposed to internet ads which can disappear without a trace in an instant. A well designed print ad will help strengthen your brand identity, and you can further your reach by choosing specialty publications that pertain to your industry.

Tips for Effective Print Advertisements:

  • Keep It Simple
    Having a full page ad doesn’t mean you need to flood the page with text and graphics. Good advertisement design utilizes a balance between text, graphics, and white space to improve readability and retention. Focus on a single message, and avoid using too many words, images, and fonts that can clutter up your ad.
  • Strong Headline
    The headline should be a short phrase that gives your audience an understanding of your product or service and draws them in to learn more. Keep it brief yet detailed enough so that if it is the only thing a potential customer reads on your entire ad, they will still walk away with the intended message.
  • Clear Message
    The use of smaller content blocks and bullet points in an advertisement is more effective than lengthy paragraphs and run-on sentences. Clearly define your message by using key points that are both meaningful and interesting to help leave a lasting impression.
  • Call to Action
    What do you want your audience to do next? Be sure to include a clear call to action that spells out exactly what the audience should do to obtain your product or service and how it will benefit them.

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Advertisement Design Examples:

Advertisement Design