Project Description:
In this project, we designed a logo for KeaneTel as well as a letterhead, business card, and envelope to complete the corporate identity package. We also designed a series of trifold brochures and other marketing collateral.

In addition to their corporate identity and collateral, we also designed and developed a website and HTML Emails for KeaneTel. The website consisted of three separate websites for each of their divisions: Business Clients, Telecom Agents, and Government. These three websites were joined together by a main landing page in which the visitor could choose which website best fit their needs. The website featured a search field and password-protected areas for agents-only information.

Telecom & Energy

Corporate Identity
Website Design
Website Development
Marketing Collateral
Print Design
HTML Emails

KeaneTel Home Page
KeaneTel Website
KeaneTel Corporate Identity
KeaneTel Collateral