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Is Your Website Secure?

Is Your Website Secure?
If you are transmitting passwords or collecting other sensitive information on your website, you have approximately 3 months to switch to an encrypted server before Chrome flags your site as “not secure” and displays a warning in the URL bar.

In an announcement made on September 8, 2016, Google stated, “Starting January 2017, Chrome 56 will label HTTP pages with password or credit card form fields as not secure. Eventually, we plan to label all HTTP pages as non-secure, and change the HTTP security indicator to the red triangle that we use for broken HTTPS.”

What does this mean for you?

If you are currently transmitting passwords or collecting sensitive data from your visitors, it would be a good idea to start making the move to a secure server. Not only will you be ready for the impending change, but Google actually favors sites using HTTPS so you may even see a boost in web rank. Alternatively, failure to make the switch to HTTPS could result in a reduction of web traffic as visitors turn away from your website in favor of more secure ones.

On the other hand, if you are currently not collecting any data from your visitors, then you have a little more time to make the change. However, as Google mentioned, they plan to “eventually” flag all HTTP pages as non-secure. So the choice is yours whether you want to be proactive or just wait for that time to come.

What is the difference between HTTP & HTTPS?

All communications sent over regular HTTP connections are in ‘plain text’ and can be read by any hacker that manages to break into the connection between your browser and the website. This presents a clear danger if the ‘communication’ is on an order form and includes your credit card details or social security number. With an HTTPS connection, all communications are securely encrypted through an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This means that even if somebody managed to break into the connection, they would not be able to decrypt any of the data which passes between you and the website.

How can I get an SSL?

Many web hosting companies offer SSL Certificates as an addition to their hosting packages. The first step would be to contact your web hosting provider to see what SSL options they offer. There are different types of SSL Certificates depending on how many websites you need to protect, and your account specialist should be able to help you choose the solution that is best for you. If your web host does not offer SSL Certificates, you can purchase one separately from a Certificate Authority. There are many companies out there with a lot of options available, so do your research first.

To learn more about these changes, click on the button below to read the announcement on Google’s Security Blog.

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